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Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Discover the awesome benefits of authentic Bachata!

When I first walked into Anthony's Dominican Bachata class, little did I know this dance had so much to offer and challenge me with. I must admit I may have been short-sighted because in fact, Dominican Bachata is an incredibly versatile dance that involves not only foot-work, but also turns, leading and following, improvisation, musicality and….body movement. Lots of body movement!

Over time, judging from my own evolution and the way it’s changed my life as a dancer, I’ve come to realize that Dominican Bachata is a truly awesome and beneficial dance for women. I'm going to break down for you the 5 reasons why I think every woman should try it.


Simply put, women look GORGEOUS when they dance Dominican Bachata. I’m talking about real, authentic beauty that exudes from a cultural expression grounded on genuine sensuality and solid confidence. A woman dancing Dominican Bachata will never come across as the look-at-me type of dancer. That said, you’d be a fool if you don’t look at her! She attracts the eye without even trying, because the word appeal is intrinsic to women in Dominican Bachata. It’s the many ways in which she moves her hips. It’s the graceful expression of her arms. It’s that Piquete move with such a peculiar sway of the hips… If you’re looking for elegant confidence, this style of dance is for you.


In Bachata, there’s a very strong connection between the music and the dance. When you look at the most popular social dances out there (salsa, kizomba, bachata…), you will notice that Bachata requires more interconnection between the steps and the rhythm. To be a good bachatero/a you have to really interpret the dance according to what the music is suggesting. This, in turn, makes you a better dancer because the necessity to synch steps and moves with a peculiar rhythmic section further enhances your musical instincts. As a result, each song is experienced in a perfect harmony that, in the case of women’s style, is enhanced by their nature-given physical attributes.


Although social dances require a partner, in Dominican bachata, apart from the couples format you also have the option of individual dancing. That, therefore, gives people a lot of freedom to enjoy a good dance. The versatility of bachata, together with the lack of strictly demarcated roles between leader and follower allow you to enjoy it on your own, and that is very normal. What’s more, you don’t even need a dance floor because you can bust a Dominican move literally everywhere. Yes, in the kitchen, in the living room, on a sidewalk, at the beach, on grass… No surface can stop you from pulling off the dance, and in the same way, there are no shoe requirements. Interested in dancing bare-footed? Go ahead! Freedom and independence are key characteristics of Dominican Bachata. Next time you’re in the club and the DJ plays your favourite Romeo Santos song, you don’t need to worry about not having a partner.


From miles away, the first thing you notice about Dominican Bachata is the diversity of colourful and playful footwork that characterizes the style. People have so much fun with those kicks and taps! Dominican Bachata offers women a great chance to shine through footwork. Bear in mind, though, that shines need to “make sense” in this dance. In class, you will learn how to connect footwork with musicality in order to develop a meaningful connection with the dance. Footwork shines are another enhancing factor in the aesthetic beauty of Bachata, especially when women are dancing it.


I've been saving this one for last because this is the deal breaker. Dominican Bachata is attitude, and attitude is feeling the dance. When this dance starts to become a part of you, it begins to show is your facial expressions, which can range from flirtatiousness to "light-hearted emotional pain" from the lyrics of a song (of yeah, you'll pick up some essential Spanish along the way). Attitude is also expressed through torso, hips and arms movements. Even your legs can play a role is displaying this unique communication gestures that so strikingly distinguish a Dominican Bachata dancer. Check out this video where a bunch of women appear dancing Bachata with lots of attitude!

Connection, musicality, footwork, practicality, attitude and beauty are all elements that in interconnected fashion create Bachata. After witnessing my evolution and that of women who journey through all these stages, I can attest that Dominican Bachata is an empowering dance. It opens the door to another level of joy in the dance and provides a permanent boost to our personal confidence. Finally, it is very important to point out that by learning Bachata individually, you also get better preparation for when you dance with a partner.

If this blog has gotten you interested in exploring Dominican Bachata for women, I’ve got an online course where I have broken down steps and moves that will give you a solid foundation. The Bachata Ladies Style course I’ve created includes 10 classes of unlimited access that will take you from the very basics towards more elaborate moves. This is pretty much a transformational dance journey to become a Bachatera, and I’ll be delighted to lead you all the way. Click on the picture below, and let's get started!

Feel free to visit the Anthony & Carla online dance school to discover other courses of interest. We have Dominican Bachata classes for couples in both Spanish and English languages. Thank you for reading this article. Please, share it with your friends!

Carla Torres







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